Tools We Love

Want to step up your marketing game even more, but aren’t sure how?


Here are some tools we love at Change Media Co. and recommend all of our members to use. They add value to your strategy not only when it comes to marketing yourself, but also in the real estate world as a whole.


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Canva is the foundation of all of our social media content. We use it to create and share templates with you and the best part? It is free! There is a PRO subscription available, which is what our team uses and loves that has additional features if you are looking to expand.

Dollar Eighty

If you struggle with engaging on Instagram, try out the $1.80 method! Our team loves using it and it is a great way to leave well thought-out comments on your desktop.

Check out posts from your targeted niche and start leaving comments. Put a little time and thought into each comment and they’ll be saved for reuse later on, cutting commenting time in half!

All Things Real Estate

ATRE carries tons of items for your real estate needs from open house products and yard signs, listing and sold stickers, to sign riders and directionals, homebuyer journals, apparel, accessories and so much more.

If you are looking to get a more modern take to your business to complement your Change Media Co. membership, check them out!

Her Hashtag Life

Step up your  branding with Her Hashtag Life’s modern branding for real estate professionals – Realtors, other Mortgage, Staging, and professional flippers that want to stand out from the crowd at an affordable price. She adds new templates every so often, so be sure to check her out.

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