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question for you…

What if you could generate new leads on social media while providing value to your followers in just a few days?


What if, in under a week, you could attract and nurture potential clients who can’t wait to work with you?


Imagine having clients and customers who are aligned with your values, your personality, your brand, your beliefs… you.


Because the value you provide speaks directly to your client’s biggest pain points when it comes to the housing market and results in you being their first and only call when it comes to being represented.


If you want to learn how to attract and nurture followers into clients and customers that you’re super excited to work with…


Real Estate Marketing Leanna Carson
here’s the problem…

You know that in order to generate leads, you need to provide valuable, relatable content to your followers…

However, you’re not quite sure how to build an online presence without asking yourself questions like…
“What picture should I post?”
“When will I have time to plan my content?”
“What should the caption say?”
“How do I make it sound like me and not too salesy?”
can you imagine?

Imagine having an online presence on social media that generates you leads without the stress, headache, and worry of creating GREAT content?


You’d become a local expert by leveraging your online presence in your area.
Your name will stay-top-of-mind. When someone thinks of real estate, they will think of you.
Nurturing more leads gives you the opportunity to convert them so you can become a high-earner.

If you want to learn how to generate and nurture leads,
I have something for you…


change media co.
This membership helps real estate professionals leverage their online presence by providing personalized, valuable content to their followers through ready-to-post social media content, marketing guides, and masterclasses from industry experts.
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Every month, you’ll get access to a new calendar with daily ready-to-post ideas, content for social media, and so much more. Personalize graphics and templates to match your branding.
Learn from industry experts every month to help you generate more leads, build your brand, and grow your business. Some topics include generating leads through SEO, how to get in the news, sales tactics to build rapport, and more!
Download promotional content for Listings, Sold, Open Houses, Market Updates, Testimonials, and more! All content is evergreen and you have access to all previous month’s content.
Download scripts for IG Reels, TikToks, and YouTube videos. You’ll also get access to articles you can post on LinkedIn Pulse + more!

Here’s how Change Media Co. has helped our
member’s real estate business…

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nice to meet you!

I’m Leanna and I can’t wait to help you blow up on social media.

After founding successful businesses over the years, including a digital marketing agency, I decided to turn my attention over to building a social media platform for real estate professionals.


I was tired of seeing ads from people with social media content who 1) aren’t in the RE industry or 2) don’t actually close deals to know what works.


That’s why I created CMC, so I could help other agents close 20+ deals a year like my husband and I did our first year.


I cannot wait to help you leverage your online presence so you can start generating leads.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you schedule posts or post content for me?

We do not post any social media content on your behalf. Our content is created so that you can customize it to match your own branding (logos, colors, etc.). All you have to do is copy, paste, personalize, and post! It’s really that easy. 


We are all about showing up authentically on social media, so we recommend getting out there and engaging! However, if you’d like to talk more about social media management assistance, send us an email.

When do you release new content?

New social media content is released monthly on the 25th of each month. We like to give our members the remainder of the month to take a look at the new content, personalize it, and get it scheduled out if they plan in advance.


On the 15th of each month we release a new masterclass by an industry expert.


We also release 1-3 blog posts each month focused on the real estate industry as well as marketing tips.

Is this a month-to-month contract?

This is a month to month membership, and can be cancelled at anytime. Because we are a small business, we do ask that you give us 10 days notice prior to your auto-renewal.


What is your mindset for this membership? If you are just here to try out the membership for a month or two to get access to the content or see how many leads you’ll get, this membership IS NOT for you.


This membership is for the Real Estate Professional who is ready to put in some work to leverage their online presence through social media, digital marketing, and expert training. They want to build their brand and be a part of the process to make their business successful through long-term marketing strategies.


You should be willing to commit to this for at least a year – just like you would with anything else you want to get better at. If you are willing to do the work, consistently show up on social media, and keep up with algorithm changes we will share with you, you WILL see results.

Do you offer full-service social media management?

Yes, we do! If you are looking for a little something extra, shoot us an email (hello@changemediaco.com) with Subject: Full-Service Social Media Management. We are happy to discuss some options that may work for you.

I’d like to purchase a subscription for all of the agents on my team, can we use the same account?

Each subscription is for a single (1) member. One usage license is granted per purchase. 

If you’d like to use the content for multiple team members, brokerages, social media managers, etc, please contact us to purchase the Multi-License Subscription. We do offer a group-discount for brokerages and large teams

Do you have samples of the content we get access to?

If you’d like to get access to free content, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Some examples of the types of content and templates you’ll get access to include…

      • Social media posts
      • Listings, sold, + open house updates
      • Market updates
      • Testimonials
      • Story posts
      • Hashtag recommendations
      • Marketing tips (more than social media)
      • Bonus Content: Printable marketing materials, buyer/seller questionnaires, monthly post ideas, etc.
      • + new content added each month

Here is a peek into our sample content library.

Sample Monthly Content

Check out some of our clients for more samples:

You can get a sneak peek of our content here. Some of our clients using our content:

Did we miss something you’re curious about? Shoot us an email hello@changemediaco.com.