Affiliate Program

Share Change Media Co. with real estate
professionals, and get paid for it!

Receive 25% of the revenue generated through your link, every month.

How It Works

As an affiliate, you’ll get free access to all the tools you need to promote Change Media Co. and earn top commissions. To become an affiliate, you must be a member of Change Media Co. or have contacted us at hello@changemediaco.com before you are approved.


CMC Members are automatically given affiliate access and can log-in using the same credentials you use for our members to access the affiliate portal.

Affiliate Sharing
Share Your Link

Share your referral link or discount code with your friends and add our creatives to your own website.

Affiliate Recurring Revenue
Earn 25%

Get paid via Paypal on the first day of every month for as long as your referral stays a CMC Member. 25% recurring every month!

Affiliate Tracking
Track Your Referrals

Track your referrals – clicks and conversions via your own personal dashboard.

Commission Rates

Start earning $$$, when you share your link. Here’s a few examples of what some affiliates are earning.


#1: John refers Sally to Change Media Co. Sally signs up using John’s referral link for the Semi-Annual Membership. John earns a referral revenue of $42.50 every 6 months for as long as Sally stays a member. Potential annual extra income = $42.50 every 6 months or $85/year


#2: John refers Jane, Kelly, Chris, Sally, Tim, and Linda to Change Media Co. They each sign up for a monthly membership.  John earns a referral revenue of $7.25 every month for as long as they stay members. Potential annual extra income = $43.50/month or $522/year

How To Get a Coupon Code To Share

To become eligible for a coupon code, you must have completed one of the following:


  • Be a founding member joining prior to December 31, 2020.
  • Refer 10 sign ups through your link.


The only other circumstances where a coupon code is given is in relation to a media or marketing partnership – podcasts, bloggers, real estate coaches, etc. A following of 5,000+ or more is suggested, but we will look at your audience and engagement.


If you’d like to discuss a partnership, please contact us at hello@changemediaco.com.