Real Estate Marketing Tools

Welcome to the Change Media Co. Real Estate Marketing Tools page! This is a curated list of all the best real estate marketing tools that we use and love! We’ve tested ALL of these tools and have used them in our own business and in our clients’ businesses!


We hope you love these real estate marketing tools as much as we do. They add value to your strategy when it comes to running and growing a successful business.


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Real Estate Marketing Tools | Software



Canva is the foundation of all of our social media content. We use it to create and share templates with you and the best part? It is free!

There is a PRO subscription available, which is what our team uses and loves that has additional features if you are looking to expand.

<p><center>Dollar Eighty

Dollar Eighty

If you struggle with engaging on Instagram, try out the $1.80 method! Check out posts from your targeted niche and start leaving comments. Put a little time and thought into each comment and they’ll be saved for reuse later on, cutting commenting time in half!

<p><center>All Things Real Estate

All Things Real Estate

ATRE carries tons of items for your real estate needs from open house products and yard signs, listing and sold stickers, to sign riders and directionals, homebuyer journals, apparel, accessories and so much more.

<p><center>Premade Logo Kits

Premade Logo Kits

Step up your  branding with Her Hashtag Life’s modern branding for real estate professionals – Realtors, other Mortgage, Staging, and professional flippers that want to stand out from the crowd at an affordable price.

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<p><center>Hashtag Slayer

Hashtag Slayer

Instantly optimized Instagram hashtags for your social media. Our members utilize the hashtags we provide to them in combination with Hashtag Slayer to analyze competitors, discover hashtags, and increase reach.
<center>Course Toolkit

Course Toolkit

Create Your Course Toolkit is for anyone who wants to create their first or next course, or even just a digital product like a toolkit like this, a template pack, etc. It’s going to help you validate your offer, put together and create your offer, and sell your offer during launch week.

Real Estate Marketing Tools | Equipment

<p><center>Softbox Kit

Softbox Kit

Creates even and diffused light by directing light through the inner aluminized fabric surface act as an efficient reflector. Great for video calls, photoshoots, IG Reels, video content and more!

<p><center>Phone Stabilizer

Phone Stabilizer

Instantly attach your smartphone to this stabilizer and enjoy perfect filming on the go. The magnetic phone clamp and ring holder enable you to effortlessly capture whenever inspiration strikes. Great for showing home tours on social media.

More Real Estate Marketing Tools

<p><center>Stock Photos Sites

Stock Photos Sites

Real estate images can sometimes be hard to come by, but we’ve put together a list of stock photo sites, free and paid that you can take a look at to see if any of them are the right fit for you!

<p><center>Best Closing Gift Ideas

Best Closing Gift Ideas

Are you in the escrow process and trying to decide what closing gift to give to your clients or your real estate agent? Look no further! We’ve surveyed over 75 agents across the United States to learn about the best closing gifts Realtors have given and received.

<p><center>Lead Generation for Free

Lead Generation for Free

For all companies where there’s no upfront cost, once you close the lead, then you pay them a referral fee. This is a great way to generate leads without all the out-of-pocket costs trying to find them.