9 Companies You Can Sign Up for to Get Real Estate Leads with No Upfront Costs

Real Estate Leads with No Upfront Costs

9 Companies You Can Sign Up for to Get Real Estate Leads with No Upfront Costs

Whether you’re new to real estate or you’re a seasoned agent, you can never get enough real estate leads. But what a lot of agents don’t realize is that there are lead generation companies you can sign up for with no upfront costs.

So what does that mean?

Real Estate Leads with No Upfront Costs

For all companies where there’s no upfront cost, once you close the lead, then you pay them a referral fee. This is a great way to generate leads without all the out-of-pocket costs trying to find them.

The downside? There is a referral fee.

But it really isn’t that much. Most companies ask for 30-40% of a lead you paid $0 to generate.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you still need to ensure you are nurturing your leads through consistent social media content, SEO, and retargeting ads.

9 Companies You Should Check Out

Here are nine companies to take a look at and see which ones you qualify for.

Note that not all of the companies for real estate leads below may be available in your area.

1. Estately

Estately partners with a small number of fantastic agents in every market. If you are an experienced, local expert who is passionate about customer service and gets outstanding reviews from your clients, Estately wants to hear from you.

In early 2021, Estately required 3 years of experience as a licensed agent to qualify for their lead generation.

2. FastExpert

Receive quality real estate leads from clients ready to make a move, increase your exposure with a searchable profile, and share your available listings to find buyers fast. FastExpert verifies the lead and matches them with top agents in their database.

In early 2021, they required a 25% referral fee upon closing.

3. OJO Network

The OJO Select Network introduces agents to more homebuyers and sellers, creating stronger, better-informed connections that last. Their platform is “speed to lead” style, which means they text a few agents in the area you have to claim it first to get it.

They merged with Movoto which gives them a pretty strong online presence.

In early 2021, OJO was requiring at least 3 years of experience as an agent to qualify for their network.

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4. realtor.com® (formerly OpCity)

Realtor.com (formerly Opcity) offers a data-driven, human-powered approach to online lead conversion has helped thousands of brokerages, lenders, and settlement service providers supercharge their lead gen ROI.

It is really easy to sign up for realtor.com®. You have to complete your profile and then someone is supposed to reach out to complete the signup process before you receive real estate leads.

5. HomeLight Convert

HomeLight Convert screens your leads from any source and connects your team with the clients that are ready to buy or sell a home.

Their signup process is very easy, but they also suggest uploading your past transactions in order to rank your profile higher. We’ve noticed that little to no transactions doesn’t get you many leads.

6. Agent Pronto

Agent Pronto matches each referral with an agent who we believe is the best fit to help them out. They select agents based on their Agent Pronto profile, production levels, service areas, client preferences, specialties, communication, customer ratings, and other criteria.

When we have a new referral for you, they will notify you via text message and email. Very easy signup process.

7. UpNest

UpNest also sends you real estate leads, but have a slightly stricter signup qualifications.

You must have a minimum of 3 years of active real estate experience and represented at least 6 transactions within the past 12 months. They also have some additional qualifications you can check out on their website.

In early 2021, they were not accepting new applications based on area. But definitely check it out to see if they have opened them up.

8. Clever

Instead of spending thousands up front on marketing, you discount your commission in exchange for new business as a Clever Partner.

Once you apply, you’ll typically talk with their team on the phone to see if you are the right fit.

Clever charges homeowners either a flat fee or 1% on their listing (depending on the price point of their home). You pay them a referral fee if you land the listing.

9. RedFin

You don’t have to work for RedFin to get real estate leads, you can sign up as a RedFin Partner. There’s zero upfront cost to join and no obligation—you pay a 30% referral fee only once you close a transaction.

They typically will check for availability in your area and then let you know within 72 hours what the status of your application is.

Nurturing Your Real Estate Leads

Great, you’ve got the leads, but now you have to close them.

What’s next?

Start utilizing digital marketing tools like social media, SEO, and ads to continue your nurturing process as well as bring in more leads.

For ready-to-post marketing content, check out Change Media Co., the fastest growing marketing membership for real estate professionals looking to get in front of potential clients through modern social media content.

Get access to engaging posts, SEO blog articles and videos, as well as masterclasses from industry experts so you can stay top-of-mind as the local real estate expert in your community.

Ready to go after some more real estate leads?

  • Todd Miller
    Posted at 22:36h, 19 February Reply

    ReferralCloud also doesn’t charge any up-front fees. Just pay a referral fee at closing

    • Leanna Carson
      Posted at 18:35h, 25 March Reply

      Thanks for sharing, Todd! Can you tell us a little bit more about the process and we might be able to add it in to our article!

  • Jake Houle
    Posted at 17:47h, 12 April Reply

    Pay Per Closing is another one that charges 25%

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