6 Real Estate Lead Generation Content Ideas 

6 Real Estate Lead Generation Content Ideas 

It is important for real estate businesses to lead with revenue and to be able to take the lead up front and get clients to the closing table. But how do you get from one end to the other? Is there a real estate lead generation that works?

In real estate, there is not just one right way or one way that’s going to work. You can do so many different things in order to generate real estate leads. Once you figure out a consistent lead flow and you regularly fill that pipeline, you start balancing where to spend time.

That’s when things really start to fall into place. You can start to see that fast track to scaling and growing your business to the next level. So what are some real estate lead generations that work?

6 Real Estate Lead Generation Content Ideas

1. Hire someone to shoot a massive amount of content.

You want to have a vault of content that you can push out and schedule. You might not have time to do it yourself so hire someone. Sometimes all it takes is outsourcing for that content creator so you can focus on building relationships.

You can even hire an intern. In exchange for their services, show them the ropes of what you do and what they can do. You are providing them an immense amount of value they are getting through the real life marketing realm.

2. Use video.

Videos have become less of a luxury and more of a necessity. You’re the expert and you’re passionate about what you do so step in front of the camera and begin the conversation.

If you don’t feel like you have a strong camera presence, invest in becoming better in front of the camera or in creating video. Whether that’s just practicing over and over again or going to a class, you can only improve by doing. If you can’t edit your videos, outsource for someone to do it through a service like Fiverr.

Once your video content is produced, use that content on all your platforms, and make it visible. Make sure you are repurposing your content for your different audiences per platform. Your audience isn’t going to want to go on all platforms and see the exact same video and copy everywhere.

CMC Social Post

3. Work with Change Media Co.

One of the biggest challenges that most people have when it comes to social media is staying consistent or getting started. People will look you up on social media and find you so it is important to ensure you have a foundation present.

Change Media Co. helps real estate professionals grow their business with ready-to-post social media content. Through their understanding of the importance of building relationships and getting your name out there to generate real estate leads, they have been helping real estate professionals become go-to experts in their town.

4. Write a handwritten note or provide a gift to your client.

Write and send a handwritten note to everybody you’ve worked with. Snail mail is exciting and easy to do. It can make your clients feel special and appreciated.

Thinking about sending a closing gift? You want to make sure it is something your client will use and will remember you by. Making yourself memorable for your client can lead to a referral.

Don’t have the bandwidth to find a closing gift? You can look into a service called Client Giant which will send a gift on your behalf to your client each quarter.

5. Create an exclusive referral program.

Real estate is all about word-of-mouth, and one of the best compliments you can receive is a referral. A referral program allows you to say ‘thank you’ to your client for each referral that gets sent your way.

How you decide to set-up the referral program is up to you. What you offer is dependent on what you feel comfortable offering.

Because referrals in the real estate industry are a little different when it comes to compensating. Focus on sending treats to referral partners or ensuring you have a referral system set up when it comes to agent to agent referrals.

6. Use Answer the Public.

Answer the Public is a resource you can use that shows you all the things that are being searched for. You go to this website and type in a specific topic. It will give you all the different searches that people are looking up.

You can use this information to give you an idea on the type of content you can provide. Use the information to create infographics or even do a livestream answering people’s most frequently asked questions.

Real estate lead generation can work as long as you sit down and do your research to determine what works best for you and your business. What’s your preferred technique?

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